5 brilliant benefits of integrating Sitelock with WordPress web hosting


Sitelock is an open-source web security solution that securing your online WordPress files and content. With a few simple clicks, you can lock down areas of your web page or file so that they are protected from unauthorized viewing. When using a free version of Sitelock, you have limited access to the features of the program. For a small fee, you can unlock additional features that make your web page more secure.

The primary benefit of integrating Sitelock into your WordPress hosting account is that you can better manage access to specific portions of your site. SiteLock ensures that only specific authorized users have access to parts of your site. This can help when you need to control what your employees or customers can access on your site. The benefits of securing your online files and content in this manner are numerous.

Control who has access to specific areas of your website

With the SiteLock feature, you can control who has access to specific areas of your website. For example, you can set up restrictions for members of your staff to determine which files they can view. You can also use this feature to limit access to particular departments on your site. You can even add a feature that automatically publishes your new blogs.

Limit the risk associated with your websites

One of the main reasons people opt for integrating the SiteLock plugin into their WordPress plans is to limit the risk associated with their websites. They want to ensure that only they and authorized employees have access to the files on their web pages. They don’t want to give the hackers free access to the information on their websites. Using the SiteLock feature they can do just that. The web hosting company will have full control over the files on their servers so they don’t have to put up with hackers gaining access and then publishing the information. They can also choose to publish a login code that only allows a limited number of authorized people to gain access to certain parts of the site.


Another benefit to using the integrated version of SiteLock is the added security that it provides. Anyone that uses a virtual private server or has multiple websites behind one domain can attest to the fact that there is a significant amount of threat posed by someone gaining access to your files. Using this software with your WordPress-based websites will help provide your users with better security and protection from outside attacks. An intruder can destroy your files in a matter of minutes if they know the right steps to take. By using the right protection, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to protect yourself from such attacks.


One more major advantage when you use the integrated version of SiteLock is the added support that it provides. Not every web hosting package offers this type of security and since most of them do not, it is something that you will want to look for when you are considering choosing a host for your website. You can install the software on your computer but it is also much easier to use a web hosting package that supports it. By having all of these advantages, it is easy to see how SiteLock could quickly become an essential part of the web hosting landscape.

Improved Security And Better Privacy Protection

If you are considering integrating SiteLock with WordPress, it is essential to determine how it will work in your specific environment. The main benefits include improved security and better privacy protection. Since all of the information that you will store on your server is encrypted, you will be able to make it accessible only to the users who need it. This helps to ensure that no unauthorized party has access to it and also means that if there is any type of security breach, there is a much lower risk of damage being done. The software will also ensure that you are running with the latest versions and that the settings that are associated with your hosting account are as secure as possible.

In addition to the security benefits of integrating SiteLock with WordPress, this feature helps to ensure that you are not spending money unnecessarily. Most of the security threats that are faced on the Internet today can occur just minutes after an attack takes place. For this reason, even the most secure servers will need to be topped up with the latest security packages to ensure that they are protected against hackers. By using a web host that offers this type of security, you can be sure that your information is stored securely and that you will never have to worry about it being compromised. Of course, you can always upgrade any security packages regularly to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

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