MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting Review 2021

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In dedicated hosting, a client purchases the complete physical server that resides in the web host’s datacenter. With a dedicated server, the client is sole owner of the server and can control of all the server resources and does not need to share them with the other clients. Additionally, the client gets complete freedom to select the control panel, operating system, applications and the way to use the server.

Generally, dedicated hosting offers higher levels of performance to websites in terms of speed, uptime, security, and reliability. Moreover, it gives the clients more control over the websites and online applications. Therefore, it is a great choice for high traffic websites including e-commerce businesses, and websites that require high performance, flexibility and security.

As you get great performance, customization, and flexibility, dedicated hosting comes at an expensive price, followed by virtual private servers (VPS) and lastly, shared hosting plans. With VPS hosting, you get performance and power almost equal to that of a dedicated server, but at a lower cost and with some limitations.

Though a dedicated server is a physical bare metal machine, VPS is a software-defined solution wherein a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. In dedicated hosting, the client has complete control over the use of a physical server and its resources but in VPS hosting, the physical machine and processing power is shared with other users. But, VPS runs as a separate server, and is usually faster as compared to the shared server, but slower as compared to dedicated servers.

VPS hosting is highly suitable for small and medium-sized websites that require high performance, but with limited financial resources.

Dedicated hosting is an ideal solution for organizations that run complex websites or require high performance, more control, and customized functionalities. Generally, customers select dedicated servers when their website traffic and processing power increase to such an extent when a VPS can’t manage it.

Dedicated servers come at expensive prices as compared to the other hosting options. Therefore, they are mostly used by companies that need great performance, and have the financial resources to pay for it.

If possible, dedicated hosting is perfect for:

  • Businesses that have a large customer base.
  • Clients that want a high, reliable and stable bandwidth.
  • High Traffic Websites
  • Video streaming websites
  • Medium and large e-commerce websites
  • Agencies having high profile clients
  • Reseller hosting services businesses
  • Organizations or businesses that run complex websites
  • Busy online portal
  • Dynamic sites with application such as large databases and data analytics
  • Gaming sites
  • Individuals and businesses with revenue generating websites.

Apart from the greater processing power, dedicated servers offer other benefits which make them appealing to a wide range of organizations without considering their size. For example, a small organization that wants to secure their critical data may choose this hosting because it offers enhanced security and privacy.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers offer numerous performance and security benefits to the clients. This includes maximum security, dedicated resources, reliability, and customization. Additionally, a unique IP address that is not shared with other clients is offered to the customer. This reduces the risk of blacklisting or performance degradation due to bad practices from other websites.

Below are some of the major benefits:

  • The client gets full control and freedom of all the server resources.
  • Better performance, stability, and reliability are the major benefits of a dedicated server as the client does not share the resources with any other user.
  • The client gets the freedom to select the best OS, applications, control panel, security to address the business needs.
  • Because the hosting provider purchases and maintains the infrastructure, hardware, and environment, the client saves the money needed to purchase the machines and manage an in-house data center.
  • The server offers inbuilt security and privacy for securing his website against DDOS, spamming, viruses, malware and other attacks.
  • With dedicated hosting, businesses get high computing resources without spending more on the purchases and maintenance.
  • Other websites won’t clog the server CPU, bandwidth, and RAM. Issues such as bad scripts or spikes in the bandwidth in other servers won’t slow down or affect your dedicated server’s performance.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the leading web hosting providers that was started in 2012. An award-winning web host offers web hosting to over 28,000 customers. Shared, cheap VPS hosting, dedicated, cloud, WordPress and reseller hosting are the web hosting services provided by them. 

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans



  • Choose Your Control Panel
  • Multiple Choice of Operating Systems
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • SSH Root Access
  • High-Performance Guaranteed
  • Free Setup Without Any Contract
  • Reliability
  • Security 
  • 100% Dedicated Resources
  • Customizable
  • Hardware Level Control
  • Powerful Servers

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MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting is the best high traffic websites, large ecommerce websites, agencies with high profile clients and resellers. With their unmangaed bare metal dedicated servers, you get the support for initial server setup, control panel installation if license is purchased from MilesWeb, reinstalling the OS, rDNS setup and hardware and network related issues. Thus, they are one of the best dedicated server hosting providers of 2021.

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