What Are The Most Relevant Topics Related To Your Business


Start by brainstorming with your teams. You will thus establish a list of 5 to 10 subjects related to your market. These general topics will help you establish lexical fields, then lists of keywords. Your products and services are a good starting point for this first exercise, as are the subjects already covered on your blog. The traffic indicators on these different subjects will give you a good idea of ​​the themes to dig in priority.

Use Your Personas

Another technique to find your keywords: put yourself in the place of your personas. Determine how to target them based on their characteristics. What are their concerns? How does this affect the way they research the internet? What vocabulary do your customers use? All of this, and also with the help of comradeweb.com will allow you to add new ideas to your keyword list. But also to refine those that you have already noted.

Transform Your Topics Into Lists Of Main Keywords

You have established the main themes related to your sector and your business. Now you can focus on identifying the actual keywords. This is to establish an initial list of terms that you think are important and related to the prerogatives of your prospects. At this stage of research, it is important to list all of the terms you have in mind. It is not yet time to worry about their popularity on Google. It will then be time to compare this list with the statistical reality of the tools presented below. Also, make a list of synonyms so as not to miss any idea.

The Main Tools For Finding Your Keywords

The web is full of nuggets dedicated to SEO. These tools will allow you to choose the most popular keywords, those that will allow you to position yourself on the first page of Google! Here is a selection:

  • Google Ads offers a very easy to use and completely free tool:  Keyword Planner. Integrate your list of keywords, and you will get the popularity data of these. You will also have suggestions from their semantic universe.
  • Ubersuggest is a very comprehensive tool for accessing the search suggestions presented by Google to Internet users. A real gold mine since these suggestions is themselves linked to searches carried out on the search engine by users. As a bonus, this tool gives you access to the ranking of websites by keyword.

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