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As we know that hosting website is a huge and packed platform. If we talk about which is the best web hosting platform or agen then we will end up with two names. First A2Hosting and second Site ground. They both are amaging hosting sellers and very demanede among users. At this note we are going to discuss about A2 hosting vs Siteground. Most of the users know that they both are reliable and user friendly along with easy to handel. Lets know how we can distinguise them. Below the expection explained which will help users to pick the best one according to their need.

Expected details are always very important.

Before go for any web hosting consultant we should surly ask the advantages that we will get in this plan. For example we should know the feature, blue print of the plan and also most importantly about the resources. We should also check out for the domain and the hosting will be user friendly or not. Service should support E-commerce. We shouled practically check wher the loading feature of site is good or not. Simplicity of the plan is highly needed. It should not be like that in middle developer support is not there in need. We all know that security along with privacy is very important for evry business, so there should be provisionof great security in the plan. Most important thing is everyone want mazximum profile out of minimum investment. Hence use should sulry check for pricing as well as refunds.

Lets know more about A2 hosting and sitegroup

Above we have already discussed enough about what a user should think when he/her is cossing any hosting service for web. Now we are going to have a look over  A2 hosting and site group. If we talk about plans in A2 hosting, there are sicx plan that they offiers. Most of them are windows or linux.  On the other hand  sitegroup provide 4 plans and all are based on linus Os and hosting of web in shared manner.  The exclusive feature of A2 hosting isw attrective SEO appliance. It also offer a trial pack on email marketing for user.  It also give an opportunity of the plan of wordpress which is being support by dedicated technical group.  These site hosting agent also provide advantages wher user can encrypt SSL anlong with integration of  CDN . 

Since A2 hosting is giving an expert service so they have kept their prices high in comperriosn to  sitegroup.  Those user who want web service in low price they usually prefer sitegroung but for security A2 is best. The domain price in siteground is low abd the technical support is also cheaper then A2 hosting. On important thing we need to know here is siteground  will provide you limited purches  and with no discount in forst purches. But  relief isw we can easily transfer the domain.  When we talk about A2 hosting then migration of domain takes  higher amount then siteground as ther is no free migration..

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