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Are you looking for absolutely free Android TV VPN that support all Android TV boxes? Then Hola Android TV VPN is the best choice. Hola VPN is a separate Android TV VPN service that developed for Android TV. Unlike other VPN apps, you will see much more responsive and interactive user interface on this app. You can easily connect, disconnect and switch countries using your Android TV remote. Best Android TV VPN that work seamlessly with remote.

This VPN app is completely free. These days VPN is mandatory for Android TV devices. Because many countries do not allow you to watch torrent content. You will receive warnings or notices from your ISP when you watch or access torrent content. It means that your ISP or Internet service provide know what you are accessing and watching. It is a huge privacy concern. One of the best practical and common way to protect your privacy is by using a VPN. Because VPN can hide your location and encrypt what you are watching on your Android TV.

Many tends to download Movies and TV shows apps from Filelinked and other third-party Android TV app stores like Aptoide TV. Most of those pirated or free Movies and TV shows apps are based on torrent. If you install and watch any free movie, TV show, sport channel you may get banned from ISP. It is mandatory to use VPN service in order to hide your data from others. Instead of buying or paying monthly for Android TV VPN apps, you can use free Android TV VPN apps like Hola VPN for TV.

Features of Hola TV VPN

  • This is a free peer to peer VPN service.
  • This app provides commercial version of its service for business. That help them to provide free service for individuals.
  • Unblock sites, Movies, TV Shows, Sport channels and many more for free. Specially Netflix blocked content on your region.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Watch any content using your Android TV fully anonymously.

There are many other features that are not mentioned here. Feel free to download and install this app from play store for Android TV and experience by yourself. You can use any third-party Android TV stores like Filelinked if you are unable to download Hola VPN via Play Store for TV.

Many people do not like to use VPN services because VPN apps can each and every detail you do on your Android TV since all the data goes through them. This a rare kind of free VPN service that mention what kind of data they collect. Therefore, you know what data is been collect and what is not. Enjoy free Android TV VPN.


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