Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy And Safe Usage


The Internet has changed humanity’s world for the better. It paved the way for social change and technological advancements. However, this impact was not immediately noticeable, but all people worldwide sensed the movement toward a more computerized and connected world, and it was here to stay.

People could communicate and interact with each other in new and exciting ways that had never been before seen or imagined. The social transformation occurred as individuals from different backgrounds and social statuses began to interact on a common platform, and thus, a new phenomenon is known as social change.

The Internet has made all people around the world into virtual assistants and buddies. It allowed us to connect with other folks from every corner of the world and connected us in a way that has enhanced the quality of our lives.

This reality is only the tip of the iceberg; however, the fact of the matter is, the impact the Internet has made on humans is enormous, and all things considered. It will be on us all in the next twenty years is monumental.

When talking about privacy, each people on Earth is aware and has every right to earn the confidentiality of their information. Solitariness does not simply hide personal details of a person but also their private messages that they exchanged with other people. Hence, the authorities provided mobile call monitoringWhatsApp call recording, and archiving text messages to refrain any delinquents from taking advantage of these technological enhancements.

To help consumers know about the encryption, privacy, and safe usage of popular chat applications, TeleMessage created an infographic below as they compare all these data:


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