Why Content Is Important for SEO

Why Content Is Important for SEO


When it comes to SEO best practices, content is the king! Having a working content strategy in place assures you of good results from your overall SEO practices for a long time.

Traditionally, SEO content meant writing blogs and articles strictly for search engines by overusing keywords and stuffing links to rank better. But that tactic has become useless as of the year 2020 as Google’s algorithm keeps changing to accommodate best quality content in the top ranks for specific keywords. In this article, let us how and why is content marketing important for SEO.

Why content marketing is important?

Content Marketing is an important aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy. The necessity of quality content is ever increasing. Google’s algorithm updates prioritize original content with relevant opinions and useful information that answers specific queries that users type as keywords.

When content is clubbed with SEO, it takes a website higher in rankings, and we know what happens next. The higher the website appears in the search ranking for specific high-volume keywords, the probability of a user clicking through your site increases. This increases the overall traffic to the website and improves the chances of conversion of a prospect customer.

If you are capturing leads through your webpage then increased traffic would directly result in an increased number of leads captured through the page. Also, these leads would be genuine and would have a higher intent to purchase as they were already looking for products or services like the ones you are providing.

Various types of Content

When we talk about content, it doesn’t only mean written text. Content can be in various forms such as videos, images, graphics, infographics, comic strips, stories, GIFs and a lot more. These various types of content are used on various platforms to improve engagement with the target audience and improve your brand’s recall. Being constantly in touch with your target audience and customers also results in improved loyalty towards the brand and referrals.

Strictly talking about SEO, the most useful content forms are blogs, articles, press releases, news articles, and videos. Using keywords is still a good practice but priority should be given to the quality of language and information being imparted through the blog or the article.

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