What Makes Linux The Perfect Platform For Reseller Hosting?


When you decide to launch a web hosting business as a reseller, you need to plan it right. From defining business goals to choosing a reliable reseller hosting provider and the right operating system, every decision will determine the success of your business. Talking about operating systems, Linux has evolved as a preferred OS among reseller web hosting businesses. In this article, we will look at the factors that make it perfect for reseller hosting.

As a web hosting reseller, you purchase a reseller plan from a parent company. The next step is to identify the needs of your target clients and create hosting packages tailored to them. Once you promote and market your services to the desired market segment, you are on your way to earning a regular income from this lucrative business model.

Linux is an open-source platform that is created in parts by developers around the world. Users can download the source code and create an operating system as per their liking. There are many Linux distributions (distros) or readymade Linux operating systems available too. Here are some reasons behind the popularity of Linux reseller hosting among resellers.

What makes Linux perfect for Reseller Hosting?

The best reseller hosting businesses use Linux for reasons specified below:

  1. Linux is highly reliable as a platform, and developers constantly work on updates to keep it that way.
  2. Apart from the fact that Linux is a free platform, many applications are needed by hosting resellers and site owners that are available free with Linux like FTP, DNS, File Server, etc.
  3. Linux offers some advanced host-access options like SSH, VNC, Telnet, etc. These are not easily available with Windows, the close competitor to Linux.
  4. Linux-based reseller hosting plans are cheaper than Windows-based plans being open sourced and free. Therefore, the best hosting reseller businesses opt for these plans to create cost-effective hosting packages for their clients.
  5. Servers that run on Linux are highly secure since thousands of developers constantly work to keep the platform secure. This online developer community constantly takes feedback from users and works on vulnerabilities or glitches identified by them.
  6. The Linux OS offers many programming languages like Perl, CGI Basic Script, Ruby, PHP, etc. It also works wonderfully with MySQL, PHP, etc.

Summing Up

While most people are comfortable with Windows since they have used it at least once on their home/office computers, using an OS for a server is different from a terminal computer. Linux offers the flexibility and features that make server management easier. We always recommend hosting resellers use Linux and Windows on a web server and assess it for themselves. Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is the requirements of your targeted clients. If they need applications that are specific to Windows, then you might want to consider it. However, Linux offers a range of benefits if no such requirement exists, as described above, making it perfect for reseller hosting.

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