Useful Tips to Install a Keylogger on someone else’s computer


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A Keylogger is a valuable tool if users have a cheating boyfriend and children or have to maintain tabs on their staff. They are powerful, simple to use, and can make any computer neophyte instantly hacker. The trick is to put it on a computer that the user may not be able to access. It’s not complicated by several tricks.

Most of the people want to know How to install a Keylogger on someone’s computer, take a look –

  • Step 1: Choose the Keylogger that suits best for their needs and install it. There are several programs, but most of them require direct access to the computer for installation. After the user has installed it, it will have to be configured manually for logs to be sent.
  • Step 2: Install and configure the system. The user must tell the program to which email they want logs to be sent. To do this, start the program, go to the settings, and send the report. Individuals can enter an email address and frequency they want them to be sent. Users can send them via FTP as well.
  • Step 3: Attach and send an email. This is the only way to contact a Keylogger via the Internet using remotete control software if the user has no access to the device via the network or a direct line to the computer. Like any other e-mail attachment, people can attach the program. One issue with this technique is that notifications about executable files attached to an email would be given by several spam filters. The user can integrate the file into a document such as a word and attach the document to the problem to get the program through the filter. A second problem is that most people don’t know if they are from a trusted source to download attachments. The user can therefore use the Keylogger to enter someone’s email account that they know. Label the attachment as a file that would interest the recipient, such as photos, so that they are sure that they are going to download it.
  • Step 4:Use remote software to set up a Keylogger. This can only happen if people have access to the device they want to control at any point. If the user does, they can install website software that enables them to remotely monitor their computer from any computer that is connected to the Internet. That howa user can install a Keylogger on someone else’s computer.
  • Step 5: Network installation of a Keylogger. So the user can first use the Keylogger and then install it over the network. To do so go to the network, locate the device name they want to install, and double-click on the Keylogger. Drag and drop the software and run it on the desktop. Again the user will have to configure the program to send logs to an email address so that the ‘computer won’t notice it potentially in stealth mode.

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