Urban City Stories


Do you like to get some knowledge and fun with some locations and tasks of some components of an urban city? Then all you have to do is to download Urban City Stories Apk in your android device. Urban City Stories Apk is an educational apk that designed for your kid in order to enrich your child with some knowledge together with fun. This is a fantastic game developed by PlayToddlers for your kid.

What you can do in your Urban City Stories Apk?

  • Gamers will be able to have a totally new experience of an entire Urban city. You are the controller of that urban city. Its full of amazing things and it is pretty sure that you will get a whole lot of fun and knowledge by playing this Urban City Stories Apk. You can play this game as you wish. That means you can play freely without getting congested by some rules and regulations. No rules!! Totally free to play!! You are the rule maker here.

  • In Urban City Stories Apk you will find exciting graphics that you may love harder. It is a structure of an urban city with almost all the components of an urban city. There are streets and various institutions like police stations, cafe, bank, super market, fashion store, youth club, metro station and so forth. By playing this game you will be able to understand different tasks conducting on those different places. You can be a banker, bank manager, police officer, manger in a market and so on as you desired. You can be the controller of a family in a traditional house, you can manage the money in a bank etc. inside this apk. There by you may be able to understand each and every task and duty performed by each and every person. Both fun and knowledge can be acquired easily.
  • The Urban City Stories Apk offers you with about 30 characters for your pleasure. You can try different hairstyles, clothing, jewelries, shoes and also some other accessories on those characters. As well as you can change the color of hair and even skin of those characters. You will be able to enhance your creativity by this option. Not only that you can share your fantastic creations and unforgettable memories in your city with your friends even, to have more fun and joy, with the help of the camera mode there which provides opportunity to save and share.

If you also like to have fun and knowledge together then all you have to do is to download Urban City Stories Apk in your android device using AC Market or Play Store. You will be able to conquer a bright urban city and take much more fun with enjoyable and attractive characters. Play it in your leisure time.

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