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Just because the product commission is high does not mean that it is better to promote than a product that has a low commission. In fact, you can earn more in volume by promoting a more affordable product.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to the quality of the product and the sales page (landing page). Did the producer make a point of creating good material to deliver to customers? Did the customers who purchased make positive reviews?

Do you have few complaints? What are the biggest questions from customers regarding the product? Does the producer support the customer after closing the sale?

  • This information can be found on the platform itself. Just click on the products and view the data about them. Platforms report metrics.
  • Each platform has its own way of classifying and evaluating products. Pay attention to these details.

Let’s go to the next step. How to work with affiliate marketing?

Clarity on the benefits of the product and the transformation it promises

Make sure the producer distributes materials that teach the affiliate how to work with the product. If not, go to the product sales page to find the important information. So Here’s the full lowdown now.

Who is the product’s target audience or avatar?

You need to know this to drive product sales. Ask who the audience is? Which age group? Is the audience male or female? Is it 50% each? Is it easier to sell this product to women or men? Where is the audience? No Face, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google? The product should be promoted where the audience spends most of their time browsing.

Is the public married or single? Which communities do you participate in? What are the public’s wishes and dreams? What are your main problems and difficulties?

What vocabulary is used most?

Dig into it. The more you know the audience, the more you connect with them and the sale is easy. Good producers provide information to the target audience.

Focus on 2 marketing channels and have consistency

If you choose Instagram and YouTube, work only with these 2 media. If you choose YouTube and blog, or blog and Instagram, too. Do not work with multiple marketing channels at the same time because without focus you will not be able to grow any. It is better to have a large audience on one channel than to have nothing on several.

  • Produce quality content on these marketing channels on a regular basis. Make at least 2 videos a week on YouTube. Post at least one strip on Instagram per day. At least one top article on the blog.
  • Have a content publishing calendar for your audience to get used to the days you publish. The audience is connected to this. She waits for news.
  • You need to make an effort. This is the least you can do. The more valuable content you produce, the more results you will get.

If you chose to work with YouTube, specialize in it. Instagram? Specialize. Discover the best strategies for working in each medium and become a master at it. By becoming an expert, it will be easier to produce quality content and sell every day.


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