How To Earn Real Money Playing Lol


League of Legends is an online game, this implies that we interact with people, and as we interact with people, we can give them a service that improves their experience, either through a YouTube channel or stream entertaining and teaching them to play better with other services.

Winning money is not bad, it will help us pay for what we want to buy within the game (since most of the players do not have high economic capacity because they are students) and if we manage to professionalize it, we can even live on our passion for years.

We will group it in 4 obvious ways:


  • Entertaining has become the quintessential way to earn money playing league of legends either through a twitch channel or a YouTube channel. The themes are very diverse, but they all fulfil a fundamental pattern: they entertain people with hours and hours of content
  • In this case, money is usually earned through the advertisements of the platforms and perhaps through donations or subscriptions

Give A Service

  • It is a less known way. What it intends is to cover demand in the community by providing some service
  • Here are services such as coaching, elo boost which you can see at, etc. which we will talk about later.
  • Sell ​​a physical product
  • It is something similar to the previous form, but the provider gives something physical, such as a league of legends figure
  • This is one of the prettiest ways to earn money, but also one of the most suffered

Become A Professional Player

  • Without a doubt, the most desired form by all players
  • This is the dream of all players who want to make money with the lol (or even if they don’t want to), it would be to compete professionally and make a living from it

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